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it's what we do."

There are a myriad of ways to reach consumers in our modern four dimensional society.
Tell us MOR about what you want out of your next big marketing push and we'll design
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MOR- From our deep bench of directors to our dialed in process, our storytelling and our use of technology provide creative solutions for our clients. Our talent pool connects brands and audiences alike.

Our directors celebrate innovation, cultures, and humanity. We create original content and commercials across all mediums. MOR is production company with an award winning roster of directors, producers, creatives, and technologists. Our in-house post services make our process seamless.

We are here to support your needs and make content that inspires the viewers. 


Immersive Experiences

Our immersive and experiential teams create physical and virtual worlds to bring consumers into the story.

Whether your project require escape rooms, pop-ups, events, VR, AR, or mixed reality we have directors that specialize in bringing your creative to these mediums. Our creative teams conceive, support, and deliver your ideas from start to finish.

We work with you from the inception of a project to delivery to assist with bring your creative idea to life and make the managing and budgeting easy.

OGILVY NEW YORK | Directed by Raphael Dias

This bold project shines a light on a major issue in our contemporary world. The production started more than a year ago, before the Olympic Games in Rio, where refugee athletes were designated to compete but had no nation to call their own. Throughout the project, we were amazed by how people would become sympathetic to the cause and also want to help. Shooting real people with real issues and translating it onto the screen with more poetry and less grief was key to the development of the visual project. The project is about passion, fighting to live better, hope, fortune and perseverance.

The examples of refugees who need support are countless, and we were aiming to translate the idea of one nation, one symbol above us all, to unite, to empower. From a football match in “Madureira”, a poor neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, where we captured a refugee player giving his best talent on the field, to The Museum of Modern Art in New York, where associate curator Sean Anderson gave us a very transparent and deep testimony on how powerful and important our project was to our 21st century, it all culminated in one huge collaborative project, where many talented people gave their time and effort to achieve something big.

PARADISO | Directed by Michael Counts

At a secret location in Korea Town that is not unveiled until audiences arrive at a designated meeting point, shared when their tickets are booked. Inspired by the classic story of the Divine Comedy, the epic tale of one man’s journey through the Nine Circles of Hell.

PARADISO: Chapter 1 drops 10 Audience members into a 60-minute noir-styled, futuristic nightmare that they must navigate through. It has been a great success and we have now launched Chapter 2!



MCCANN NEW YORK | Created by David Cullipher

The Chick-Fil-A cows had to head out of the country last minute to escape national burger month. So they reached out on their social channels to get some help from fans to watch their house while they were away.

Working with McCann New York we had the pleasure of designing the cows' home and hosting multiple guests for two weeks to give them the ultimate Chick-Fil-A cow experience. Our role covered location selection, design and full guest services as well as food delivery.