Raphael Dias is a Brazilian film director and entrepreneur. Dias has garnered several awards throughout his career such as The One Show Awards, D&AD pencils + President's Pick 2017, New York FIP Festival Award,18 prestigious Cannes Lions including Grand Prix and Titanium for the The Refugee Nation

He is obsessed with and has a natural talent for visual storytelling, which is seen throughout his work. Always very passionate about the next project, Dias is not afraid to get his hands dirty to take his work to the next level. Continuously in pursuit to dig deep for thought provoking story, he understands that astonishing visuals and technology is where great narrative collide.

Today, his creativity leads him to a proactive way of approaching brands and developing appealing content that helps brands sell units in a special way.

His passion is to shape visual stories that can have real impact and even improve people’s lives. Dias’s understanding of cinema language, and advertising tools makes him believe that we need to evolve visual storytelling into something more meaningful, and relevant to get the correct response from today's audience.

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